Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Bug

After laughing my ass off at Frailty's post early this week about being attacked by water bugs, I got mine this morning...

La la la.. Getting my first cup of coffee - flip on the light and Wha-Pow! there is a fucking bug on the floor the size of one of my cats... Well it actually wasn't, it was a good 3 inchers, but the way the light cast a shadow on the little fucker it looked huge. Now mind you I am not afraid of bugs in the least. Or never have been up until this morning. Be it lack of enough sleep or my inner three year old female child - I am still not sure what happened... But...

I scream like and orgasmic bitch in heat. The coffee cup went flying (now broken). And I proceeded to high step/gallop/charge/run up the stairs - still screaming bloody murder mind you. Which in turn caused the dog to go hysterical and start barking. Which in turned caused one of the cats to start yowling. Which in turned caused one of the other cats to freak THE FUCK out and start hissing and hopping about. The third cat - wisely - ran and hid.

So needless to say after I did the Idian War (Big Scary Bug) Dance at the top of the stairs for a good 5 minutes almost in tears over a damn dead bug - I realized: Do NOT laugh at other people's misfortunes. LOL

Sorry Frailty.

Now I have to go remove said dead bug off the floor and clean up the ocean of coffee that was flng to the far reaches of the kitchen and dining room.

Happy Thursday, y'all. Sheesh...

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


breath held
for a year
waiting word
scouring news
longing to hear
whispers of your safety
mentions of your name
your surprise return
caught me unguarded
whirlwind spin
of relief
euphoric elation
hands tremble
in anticipation
of seeing your face
once again
your existence
still unreal
a figment
dream come true
until I touch you
once again
home soiled
beyond enemy lines

© March 15, 2004

Monday, February 23, 2004


Here are some eggshells
they said
Walk on them
Tiptoe around his straight lines
Tightrope edge dancing
Careful not too give too much
Or too little
Just enough to hold him in
Keep him at bay
Protect the troops
And allow them liberties
Long forgotten
On the lost highway
Cautious balance
Between caring
And novelty
Truth and illusion
And the framework
Of scars tattooed
On the Gypsy's heart

© 02/23/04