Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gotta Love a Good Dumbfuck

I was browsing around on another site-to-be-unnamed and came across this post and just had to laugh. Now mind you this Slag Bag of Douche that posted this is (obviously) a complete and utter waste of skin to begin with and one can see she hasn't a brain in her head - but you think she would have at least some vague form of thought so as to not agree with everyone's response and contradict herself. It's rather amusing actually.

[NOTE: Typos and grammar are as posted]

Original Post:
who belives in this the most real death wish .. and who does not ? and why .. i do not believe in being able to take a life .. there are way too many ways to torture .. never to be released from the torment . and you ?

I don't believe in any form of capital punishment. It hasn't existed in my country for almost fifty years. It seems positively barbaric.
i could not agree more

they get what they deserve... do also agree that there are other methods. My mind is pretty messed up and sick at times, so I can only imagine some of the stuff I could come up with.
i share the same sick mind ..

I believe in Capital punishment to fit the crime. like child molesters should be put throught the same experience they dish out but ten fold.
oh yes .. thats what im sayin

Um... Hello? Fat Girl? What happened to "I could not agree more" with "I don't believe in any form of capital punishment" - did you drop that hamhock your smoking like a cigarette on your head and attain amnesia??? Step away from the Smoked Pig's Feet, you crazy crack whore.

And then (!!!) we are back to:

No, I don't believe in it. Like A---'s barbaric.
well at least we agree on this one ...

I guess she pulled that Rump Roast out of her twat and remembered....

And forgot again:

I am for it one we don't need to be supporting these criminals any longer two we have too many people already-what purpose will confining them do? let em out and the cycle will repeat itself all over again, and torture will be considered inhumane so now what? back to square one here,
oh well thats my input.
i agree but what do you think we should do ?/

Her posts are always like this. It's rather entertaining, actually. She also claims to have Crystal Blue Children or some such that are always trying to bash in their own heads... I wonder why. I'd be using rat poison as sprinkles on my ice cream if this cow was my mother....

Gotta love a good dumbfuck.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Spiritual Crisis"

Here's a great article/blog from Pagan Every Day.

This especially jumped out at me:

"But do not be complacent. If you're not feeling it, reach out. Make offerings. Do something in honour of a hero or heroine in your favourite mythic cycle. Draw something. Paint something. Dance. Sing. Honour yourself as god or goddess, if that's all that's left for you to believe in."


We all experience this in one form or another. We feel spiritually dry, or unmoved by ritual. We fear that the gods and goddesses we've worked with for years have abandoned us, or perhaps, that they don't exist at all. After years of pagan practice, we come to the conclusion that there are no gods, no powers, nothing but the natural world in all its wonder.

Some, when confronted with this kind of spiritual crisis, go looking for the next spiritual high. They convert to charismatic Christianity, or go back to the Catholicism of their childhood. Others move on to Buddhism or atheism. They pack up their altar tools and tarot cards and vow to stop wasting their time and energy on something that just isn't working for them anymore.

I've had these periods of feeling stale in my spirituality, but I've come to learn, after over twenty years of spiritual practice, that those spiritually fallow times often come to me as a signal that I'm out of balance and need to lay off the magic for a while. Or, the opposite is true, and I need to ramp up my spiritual practice. Add something new. Do something creative.

Dark nights of the soul in which we despair of ever feeling a connection to the divine again can be tests or lessons that can be overcome by a simple continued daily practice - faking it until you make it. For many, the addition of daily practice does wonders in easing us into an ongoing conversation with life the universe and everything. The daily practice acts as a bridge between times when we seem to be full of spiritual flow and creativity, and times when we feel withered up and empty.

I challenge us all to make of our spiritual journey a thing we just do. Whether we feel like it or not, whether we're inspired or not, whether we want to or not, let us all choose two or three simple things a day that we just do, no matter what, as a way to keep the lines of communication open between the gods of our understanding and our recalcitrant rational minds. Let's find a way to honour our need for something more by including something playful in our spiritual practice, whether that be fingerpainting or gardening or private dance in the nude in our temple spaces. Let's challenge ourselves to be mature pagans - pagans who don't give up when the juice seems to run dry, but persevere in practice because practice works in keeping us in the flow of the seasons, the tides of the waters, the waxing and waning of the moon. Let us see our planet as a mirror, and let us gaze into it in wonder and awe. Let that be enough when nothing else seems to be going on. Develop patience. Sit in the silence. Open your senses. Trust that while your individual perspective on deity may change, something is out there, whether it be the Universe itself, with all it's wild and unknowable wonders, or a gentle Mother Goddess who wraps you in her arms when you most need her, whether you can feel her or believe in her at that particular moment or not.

But do not be complacent. If you're not feeling it, reach out. Make offerings. Do something in honour of a hero or heroine in your favourite mythic cycle. Draw something. Paint something. Dance. Sing. Honour yourself as god or goddess, if that's all that's left for you to believe in.

Magic will happen - does happen every morning when the sun rises, when monarchs fly across an entire continent, when a new born baby cries out for its mother, when breasts fill will milk to feed that babe, when life takes us into death, and our flesh feeds new life even as our spirit moves on to other experiences.

In the fabulously wise words of your local AA chapter - it works, if you work it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christ on a Cracker (Well, sort of...)

Dorothy Dursley claims to have been praying and asking Jesus for help losing weight when she found Jesus in her Cheetos. Jesus didn't help her with the spelling as she calls them Cheetohs. This is almost certainly a gag site but a news site claims Kelley Ramey of High Ridge, MO found the Cheeto. Unfortunately the video link of the interview has been taken down.

What next? Dare I even ask?

(It reminds me more of Kenickie in Grease, dancing to "Greased Lightening" and getting his Elvis on, but whatever... Someone else mentioned it actually looks more like the Goddess symbol.)

I am sick and fucking tired of hearing about...


Will they shut the fuck up already and go sit down somewhere???

Do you REALLY think they would be giving that fucked up junkie cooze the fucking Oscar if he had not bit the weenie?


He wasn't even that good as the God damned Joker anyway.

And now it seems they are bestowing the stupid fucking Oscar statue on his damned 3 year old daughter... But not until she is 18 if she even wants the damned thing. And only if she signs a contract...

Give me a fucking break. He's dead. Move on.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Am Changing

Look at me, Look at me
I am changing
Trying every way I can
I am changing
I'll be better than I am
I'm trying to find a way to understand
But I need you, I need you
I need a hand
I am changing
Seeing everything so clear
I am changing
I'm gonna start right now, right here
I'm hoping to work it out
And I know that I can
But I need you, I need a hand

All of my life I've been a fool
Who said I can do it all alone?
How many good friends have I already lost?
How many dark nights have I known?
Walking down that wrong road
There was nothing I could find
All those years of darkness
Could make a person blind
But now I can see

I am changing
Trying every way I can
I am changing
I'll be better than I am
But I need a friend
To help me start all over again,Oh
That would be just fine
I know it's gonna work out this time
'Cause this time I am
This time I am
I am changing
I'll get my life together now
I am changing
Yes I know how
I'm gonna start again
I'm gonna leave my past behind
I'll change my life
I'll make a vow and nothings gonna stop me now

'Nuff said...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am really considering and debating upon the fate of the BLG network.

It's not what I intended (envisioned) it to be, nor is it all that active anyway.

The description/tagline for the network reads as such:

"Beyond the Looking Glass is a social network for those seeking to share Pagan related views, concerns, interests, and experiences in an intelligent and mature environment. All paths, faiths, beliefs, and practices are embraced and encouraged."

However, such is not the case. I was cleaning up the site today and going through the discussion forums, and rarely, if ever, are any of the discussions of any worth actually Pagan related. The threads that get the most bite are either bitching and moaning and carrying on or just silly, unrealted topics of absolutely no merit. The rest sit there ignored like the bastard child at the family reunion. I don't know if people just don't have anything to say about anything other than the superficial postings or they just don't want to bother, or what...

While I shouldn't complain because there are a lot of great people on the network, and I wouldn't trade them for anything, I get tired of busting my hump trying to maintain the site and fighting with Ning to keeps things rolling when it is not at all what it's facade presents it to be. It's become nothing more than a playground. Many of the original members are not longer active because of this very problem. They have stepped back and no longer participate because the activity on the site is not what they joined the network to be a part of.

I scour the internet and my bookcases looking for topics only to have them ignored in favour of complaining about a completely different fucking network or threads about what so-n-so is having for dinner or how much beer we had the night before.

It's discouraging. I put forth my time and effort for what?

Romper Room for Adults?
Align Center
Maybe it (BLG) has done what it came to do... Maybe it's served its purpose...

I dunno...

Maybe I should just hand it off to someone else and let it be whatever it is to become.

It just doesn't feel worth it lately.

And I think I have made a hole in the wall beating my head against it.

There's my bitch session. But at least it's on my blog...


Amanda Palmer Single/Video Controversy

“Censorship, like charity, should begin at home. Unlike charity, it should stay there.” - Dorothy Parker

So the new song by Amanda Palmer has been refused air play by every TV and radio network in the UK.

It’s been described as “making light of rape, religion and abortion”. Here it is:

[NOTE: Content/lyrics of the below video are probably NOT work safe and I would take caution if there are children present. - R.]

Understandably, Ms. Palmer had a few things to say about this…

She says, in part:

“i’d be HAPPY to know that the song out there is going to offend some people….not because i have any interest in making people upset, but because i think it’s better
to talk about these things, argue about them, be upset about them, push them out into the open air, stir the pot around. better that, always, than to sweep them under the rug.“

These days that’s a pretty controversial position to take. There’s a real trend towards people declaring their being offended by another’s point of view and using this as justification for censorship.

It makes me wonder, as so many things do, just where the line is drawn - and who decides that. Where is the distinction - if there is one - between humour and cruelty, being genuinely hurt by something said or written and just being annoyed. Why someone can be truly hurt by something they perceive as an insult to their beliefs, and how they react to this. And the difference, if there is one, between doing this and deliberate racism, sexism, homophobic speech and so on.

Remainder of article here.

From Amanda Palmer's Blog:

"i sat down one day in or around 2002 and wrote a tongue-in-cheek, ironic up-tempo pop song.
a song about a girl who got drunk, was date raped, and had an abortion.
she sings about these things lightly and joyfully and says that she doesn’t care that these things have happened to her because oasis, (her favorite band) has sent her an autographed photo in the mail. and to make things even better (!!), her bitchy friend melissa, who told the whole school about the abortion, is really jealous...

can i simply state:



the song is not a lecture.
the song is a SONG.
it’s a reflection, a character sketch...

as i was walking over to the bbc the other day and my label rep mentioned that they might not let me play “oasis” on the air, i suggested that i might be allowed to play it if i just slowed it way down and played it in a minor key.
think about it. if they heard the same lyrics against the backdrop of a very sad and liliting piano, maybe with some tear-jerking strings thrown in for good measure, would they take issue?

maybe. it would be within a context they could rely on, feel safe in, write off.
“she’s sad! of course she’s sad! she had an abortion! abortion is sad! abortion is personal and emotional! look, she is expressing directly the way she should feel about this! and we don’t joke about things that are personal and emotional and sad!”

wait, what?

don’t we?

i do.

i have to.

you’re damn right this shit makes people uncomfortable.
it makes people uncomfortable to hear ANYONE talking about abortion and rape bluntly, much less talking about it LIKE THIS….

and i think it makes people uncomfortable to hear the truth about a very real and sick situation:
if you don’t know - or have never encountered - a teenager who is going through intense heavy experiences (like rape, abortion, eating disorders, abuse, fill-in-the-blank)
and is laughing these things off like THEY DON’T MATTER, then you are not ALIVE and AWAKE and living on this planet.
IT’S HAPPENING EVERYWHERE. i see it all the time. it’s called being a confused teenager. it’s real. it SUCKS.

abortion is serious. rape is serious. lots of things are serious. do they think i’m blind?

the song isn’t even so much ABOUT those topics, it’s about denial, it’s about a girl who can’t find it in herself to take her situation seriously.
that girl exists, everywhere. you probably know her. you’ve probably met her. you might be her.

you might not even like this song.

it doesn’t matter.

our COLLECTIVE freedom to approach situations with humor, with irony, with anger, with sadness, with darkness, with an edge, from a different perspective, from within the situation…it’s ESSENTIAL.
we have to agree about this or we ALL get in trouble.

the minute you discount humor, you give evil things POWER. you fuel them. you let them rule you."


What are your thoughts? I was a bit taken aback when I first heard it, but I got it. I thought - Damn - one hell of a way to illustrate the state of affairs with today's youth... I was not really offended. I actually thought it was funny in it's own context - but as amusing as it might have been, it was all that much more heartbreaking...

How did (does) it affect you? What do you think?

Gerald Gardner

Gerald Gardner died today back in 1964.

Gerald Brousseau Gardner (June 13, 1884 - February 12, 1964), who sometimes used the craft name Scire, was an English civil servant, amateur anthropologist and archaeologist, writer, weaponry expert and occultist who published some of the definitive texts for the religion of Wicca, which he was instrumental in bringing to public attention through his 1954 book, Witchcraft Today.

Gardner claimed that Wicca was the survival of a pre-Christian pagan Witch cult that he had been initiated into by a New Forest coven. The tradition as he subsequently popularised it through the Bricket Wood coven (of which he acted as High Priest) became known as Gardnerian Wicca, and this in turn spawned or inspired numerous other branches and traditions of Wicca. For this, he has sometimes been referred to as "the father of Wicca".

Love him or hate him, the man led one heck of a life. The Wikipedia entry for him is an interesting read if nothing else.

I find it somewhat telling of our times, that we haven't any pioneers like this anymore. Everyone likes to complain about what is wrong, but when is the last time you (REALLY) saw someone unass the couch and actually do something? It's all become such a blame game with little to no responsibility... It really makes you wonder - what would Gardner think of what it has all become???

Sad really. Disheartening...

Where are our movers and shakers now?

Have we any left?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great Dialogue...

Nip/Tuck is one of my guilty pleasures. It's a horrid, immoral, bawdy, trashy show that makes no apologies. I love it. There are few things I watch on tv. This is one of them. The quote below is from the latest episode in which the patient is having a penis reduction and the nurses are checking out the goods... I laughed my ass off.

Teddy: "Why would someone write 'Nam' on their dick?"
Sean: "That doesn't say 'Nam.'
Teddy: "Namaste..."
Linda: "Namaste home and play with that thing...."

And below is the lunatic that is Jennifer Coolidge from a couple of weeks ago. Her character (pick a name, it keeps changing - the latest being Hot Coco) has ass implants to make herself more.... "Ethnic" because her album was coming out. This is the video for her first "single..."

It's a horribly wicked show. If you haven't seen it, watch it. But prepare to be (wonderfully) disgusted and offended.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What the Fucking Hell...

...has happened to Courtney Love (again)? Now let me state that I am a die hard CL fan. Have been since back in the day when she was screaming about being a "Teenage Whore" and Grunge was still alive and kicking...

But she's now gone from that, to this:

to this????

Christ on a cracker, I am sure glad I quit doing drugs when I did. This could be a "Just Say No!" poster for all the kiddies. Poor thing. I know she has looked worse - by far - but she seemed to have been doing so well for herself. Gotta love that this is at an Elle Style function, too.

Duuuude, step away from the crack pipe. We're gonna have to start calling you Whitney Houston before long if you keep this shit up.

Just for old time's sake - a musical interlude:

Run Away!!!

I don't know if it is an un(sub?)conscious-on-purpose thing, or if it is my (less than) stellar personality lately - but I am beginning to look around the room and realize that it is dang near empty... I seem to have run everyone off... Or they are putting on their sneakers as we speak.

I've been dealing with a lot of negativity lately. It seems when the year changed, something in my Universe shifted and all the guards I had up got drunk and fell down on their fat asses. Things that I used to be impervious to began to attack. I began absorbing all the yuck and bullshit around me. It bothers me more now, and I don't know what to do to stop it. I think, in turn, I am flinging it all back out into the world like a shit slinging monkey and it's alienating EVERYone - myself included. Not that I can truly blame anyone - who wants to get pelted with spiritual monkey shit???

I notice it most on the BLG network. My core group from when it all began has vanished. A lot of my regulars are not posting. I have an amazing (new) core group now that post regularly and are more than a lot of fun to interact with - I only hope they stick around and don't run away like everyone else seems to have done. I don't know though, if it is soley my doing or the fact that Ning seems to be on some seriously bad drugs of late too though. It's like Kurt Cobain on a bender around there some days. Who knows...

All I do know is that I have got to get a handle on whatever it is that is going on behind the scenes (in life, in general) before I snap like the Rabbit of Caerbannog and start ripping out throats. Employment would be nice so I would have a steady income. This hit and miss crap is wearing and not all that conducive to things like rent and bills. And then there's Chunk. She is about to drive me completely nutters. Talk about negative energy (and foul odors - one really shouldn't have to wear a gas mask in their own living room). A move is in order this year (Run AWAY!!!!) - it's just a matter of getting to that point where that is possible.

So - if I have unduly ripped your throat out or bitten your head off, I apologize. (If you deserved it, however, too damn bad - and I don't even have any cheese for your whine - I ate it all.) I am just dealing with a lot of shit lately - and not doing very well at it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fried, Dyed & Laid to the Side

Fuck the dumb shit. I am going back blonde. This getting old(er) shit is for the birds.

When I was young I had really cool naturally red hair... Now I don't know if it's due to years of abuse (I used to change my hair colour weekly when I still worked at a Salon) or just this natural fucking progression we call aging - but it's now this God awful, dark, dookie brown and I hate it.

It looks like someone crapped on my hair!!! (Gives whole new meaning to the term Shithead...)

Damn it.

I was digging around in the avalanchic closet o' product and I found some red dye, but it never sticks to the grey so I go mad and chunked it in the trash. Upon further digging (and prayers for a search party if the closet rebelled) I find a big ass bucket o' bleach. Woo hoo. So my plans for the afternoon are to fry my scalp beyond recognition and bleach my hair into the most unnatural shade of white I can get it. Easier than jacking with the red and white hides grey much, much better.

I figure if Billy Idol can still pull it off after all this time, why the hell can't I? I am at least a decade or two younger... Plus I think I have the sneer down pat at this point.

Three cheers for vanity and the refusal to grow old gracefully. I am going down kicking and screaming... And sneering.

UPDATE: My hair is now white. Not blonde. Not towhead. WHITE. And my scalp hurts like a mother fucker. But hey, it's always better to look good than to feel good.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shit Yourself Thin!

We live in one fucked up society.

Actual warning label from the Alli diet product:

"You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it's probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work."

And just beneath that: "You may not usually get gassy, but it's a possibility when you take Alli. The bathroom is really the best place to go when that happens."

What the fuck??? Pardon the pun, but you've got to be shitting me. Bring an extra Mumu to work so when your anal leakage floods your draw's, you have something to change into???

Give me a fucking break. How about stepping away from the entire box of Ho-Hos, unassing the couch, turning the fucking TV off, and doing something (mobile) and productive with your giant Jabba the Hutt looking ass.

Lazy fuck.

You deserve to shit yourself.

And I deserve to laugh at your clotted, poo-covered self when you do.