Monday, December 29, 2008

Yeee-haw! More insanity!

Meat is murder. Meat eating is not good for mother earth.Meat eating speeds up global warming. It is violent.Factory farms are the worst!


Meat eating is not very pagan-maybe a long long time ago but not now. Factory faming is absolutly dreadfull. Its so ironic. They ban steroids at the olympics yet they give steroids to the animals in the factory farms amonst other crap.Modern feedlot and slaughterhouse practices have lowered the cost of meat, but they have also increased the risk of food-borne illness from pathogen - tainted meat.Its true that meat is a good source of protein, but so are soybeans and other legumes. And it is quite possible to eat a healthy, balanced diet with little or no meat in it. If the link between meat consumption and cancer isnt reason enough to cut back, consider the risks. Meat can be a breeding ground for e coli and other bacteria responsible for foodborne illness. The workers in the factory farms are paid very low wages..The meat industry is a major cause of air and water pollution.Factory farming is inhumane to the animals. I would hardly think u would want your dog or cat to be living in thoese cramped conditions wher the animals are always lyeing in their own shit.Nitrates, ammonia, and other pollutants from animal wastes threaten ecosystems and our water supply. Hormones used in livestock(which come through in their manure) have been found downstream from factory farms and are linked to altered sexual traits in fish and other wildlife. Just ask the people who live near factory farms!Oh and also would u please read everything I have written before commenting. Thanks.


9/11 was a inside job. End war.Stop joining the military. Stop being sheep. Be leaders.Your tax dollars are going to killing people.

Read: Confessions of a economic hitman by John Perkins.Once the oil all but runs out then there will be war over water.People are dyeing in Iraq!When will people ever learn?All thease wars are about is money and power-nothing to do with freedom. By killing people your just creating more terrorists. The plan to invade Iraq was in the works along time ago. The soldiers are guarding the pipelines. Do u think Afghans want us in their country stealing their oil-killing their people??? Rapeing their land?Do u think the Columbian people want the corporations to exploit them as a cheap sources of labour? How about here? We are slaves.They want to keep us poor so we join their military.It is true when u r young that u make mistakes. But joining the military is like commiting suicide.Google:loose change. The U.S has no right to police the world.


I make plant costumes. I do Shamanistic photography


I am a photo artist. Please see some examples of what I do on my profile.I make people blend in with their environments. I do primitive body-painting. If you want to purchase my art you would have to contact me first to request it since I am not hooked onto paypal yet.I do commissions.
Blessed be.

I just love it when they let them off the shortbus and into the real world unattended...

So much fun....

The ever fascinating Alisha's Profile: "I am a shamanistic spiritual photo artist.I like to go beyond."

Beyond what is the only question...

Weiners Abound


"I have done alot in my life always giving and sacraficeing. But here alatly i feel why me. I do not do what i do to get in return. But i feel that for once id like one thing for me. sometimes i feel liek im jsut there to be used. for example {everytime i invite someone to my residance they never show or something comes up but Im alwasy exspected to travel to everyone. } I feel hurt and disapointed. Am i wrong for feeling this way"

Spell check, people. Shit.

I want to communicate with nice pagans right now. There is enough negativity out there. Thanks."

Rather demanding, don't you think? LOL!

And the title just kills me: Looking for nice positive people to discuss topics with. You know happy people.

Guess that kicks me to the curb. I think I am one of the mean pagans. Is this like the movie Mean Girls, and this freak wants to be the pagan Lindsay Lohan? Poor thing. I think this newest wreck is my favourite Psfreak that has come about in ages. She's even better than Hami Style!!!

Click here to link to the discussion. It's great - give it a tickle. It will make you giggle in return.

The bitch is nuts! Pure D. Hell Nuts!

She even LOOKS batty.

Fucking fabulous!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Award Winning Post from FuckinIdiotsSpace

How do we disapline kids with out hitting them...

I have a very Iadmit spoiled two year old king we call him.... Well in short idon't want to spank him only as last resort... So what can we do then.... I tried naughty chair... I tried taking him away from the situation.... I tired taking tv away i even tried boogey man... Nothing works anymore. I tried taking away fro mthe sitation. Rewards praise. I am going to not let him get stuff for free anymore...
I admit it I and others spoiled him ROTTEN. He was not expected to live...... Guilt factor...
I tihkn he needs to have alot of energy burned off be around other kids.... more I try... I do tihnk it is becuase he does not have other kids to teach him stuff..... I admit I risking alot in asking... I hope don't hear ot much flack... I been trying to find other ways to disapline. I tihnk after Yule/xmas he is going to have this new reward punishment put into place.... I admit I don't know what it is oging to be... I thought about making reward chart stickingto it.... Help us get some self control... over spoilinghim... Nip it in the bud.... program.... Idon't want my kid ot be the next brat in the news...
Anybody can be as creative as they want in giving me ideas here...
Keep in mind my very Active Aries only child boy in the family.... has health issues...
thanks please be nice.....


This is a direct copy. Seriously. Maybe someone can explain what the fuck ladmit is? I have yet to figure that one out... It's be brought to my attention that this person is actually retarded, but still, some people should have their fingers removed to prevent them from posting....


Yes, I know. I'm a snatch.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Award Winning Posts from FuckinIdiotsSpace

"How can you spot a Wiccan, Witch, etc. around you?
Am fairly new on this path. How can I tell who's who?"

And the answer?

"Unless they are obvious about it by dressing the part, you really can't tell..."

Umm... How the fuck does one dress the part??? Wal-Mart Halloween costumes? What the fuck?

"unknown languages that just appear out of no where land
hi, does anyone have any information about speaking in a language you dont understand??? after I was chosen by my goddess I started speaking in an unknown tongue. someone suggested to me when they heard it that they felt it was the laanguage of the tuatha....any info would be appreciated!"

Fuckin' seriously. These people need some serious help. Like of the medicated, shock-therapy, lobotomy variety. And the scary thing is: they are dead God damned serious and get really mad if you call them on being a walking fucking dumb ass...

More to come. There's plenty to choose from.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rabbity Things' Beyond the Looking Glass Social Network

Newly created Pagan Network!

Beyond the Looking Glass is a social network for those seeking to share PAGAN related views, concerns, interests, and experiences in an intelligent and mature environment. All paths, faiths, beliefs, and practices are embraced and encouraged.

Please come and join us and have a look around.

Please allow time for member requests to be approved. I am the only one approving memberships at the moment and it sometimes takes a bit for me to get to them. The site is still in its baby stages, and is growing by leaps and bounds. Would love to see you there.