Thursday, December 11, 2008

Award Winning Posts from FuckinIdiotsSpace

"How can you spot a Wiccan, Witch, etc. around you?
Am fairly new on this path. How can I tell who's who?"

And the answer?

"Unless they are obvious about it by dressing the part, you really can't tell..."

Umm... How the fuck does one dress the part??? Wal-Mart Halloween costumes? What the fuck?

"unknown languages that just appear out of no where land
hi, does anyone have any information about speaking in a language you dont understand??? after I was chosen by my goddess I started speaking in an unknown tongue. someone suggested to me when they heard it that they felt it was the laanguage of the tuatha....any info would be appreciated!"

Fuckin' seriously. These people need some serious help. Like of the medicated, shock-therapy, lobotomy variety. And the scary thing is: they are dead God damned serious and get really mad if you call them on being a walking fucking dumb ass...

More to come. There's plenty to choose from.