Monday, December 29, 2008

Weiners Abound


"I have done alot in my life always giving and sacraficeing. But here alatly i feel why me. I do not do what i do to get in return. But i feel that for once id like one thing for me. sometimes i feel liek im jsut there to be used. for example {everytime i invite someone to my residance they never show or something comes up but Im alwasy exspected to travel to everyone. } I feel hurt and disapointed. Am i wrong for feeling this way"

Spell check, people. Shit.

I want to communicate with nice pagans right now. There is enough negativity out there. Thanks."

Rather demanding, don't you think? LOL!

And the title just kills me: Looking for nice positive people to discuss topics with. You know happy people.

Guess that kicks me to the curb. I think I am one of the mean pagans. Is this like the movie Mean Girls, and this freak wants to be the pagan Lindsay Lohan? Poor thing. I think this newest wreck is my favourite Psfreak that has come about in ages. She's even better than Hami Style!!!

Click here to link to the discussion. It's great - give it a tickle. It will make you giggle in return.

The bitch is nuts! Pure D. Hell Nuts!

She even LOOKS batty.

Fucking fabulous!