Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Sucks.

"Now maybe I didn't mean to treat you bad
But I did it anyway
And now maybe
Some would say your life was sad
But you lived it anyway
And now maybe
Your friends they stand beside they watch you crumble
As you falter to the ground
And now maybe
Your friends they stand beside as you were flying
Oh you were flying oh so high
But then some day people look at you for what they call their own
They watch you suffer
Yeah they hear you calling home
But then some day we could take our time
To brush the leaves aside so you can reach us
But you left me far behind"

- Candlebox, Far Behind

Some days, it really doesn't pay to chew through the straps.I often understand why someone such as Christoper McCandless just said "Fuck it..." and walked away from it all to go live hell and gone from nowhere away from everyone... If I had the balls - or more fuckitiveness - I would just bail. I get so tired of the struggle - of busting my ass - for nothing...

It's a bad day at the beauty salon... And you stink like a sneaker, pal.