Monday, September 22, 2008

New Discovery: Gabrielle Roth

Just discovered the music of Gabrielle Roth this morning. Talk about a wonderful Mabon blessing! So, so beautiful. Here's a blurb from her myspace page: "I am an artist. This skin I wear stretches across centuries and reaches its hand out to everyone who has ever yearned for a real Self, something holy and precious, fluid and fierce, something original to give away for no reason at all. My art is living art crafted in the dojo of the body, the zendo of the mind, rooted in the downbeat of the soul and fed by the spirit that lives in the groove.

I give them maps that move.

Inspiring movement, honoring the shape of things, following cycles, tracking patterns, falling in love with space, these are my obsessions.

Mine is the art of the people turning themselves inside out, transforming their suffering into art, their art into awareness and their awareness into action. And, turning all of this into theater, into pieces made from scratch, in the moment only to disappear back into the dance. My art is that of a theater director on the edge of a whirling stage."

And another from her blog: "The Creation of The 5Rhythms

As the creator, architect, the 5Rhythms were born in my dialogue with the great emptiness I found in my dance when I moved to the edge of myself as I knew her and leapt without knowing where I was going or why.

They came to me in the night, in the sweat of dreams, on the dance floor as a path that never stopped moving, in the peak of an orgasm, in the prayer of childbirth, they came to me raw in their silence, they came to me in waves that washed over me and emptied me and filled me with their aliveness, their presence, their spirit. I was wounded, my friends were wounded, my culture was wounded, the family was fragmenting, war kept rolling across the world, rock n roll was rising, blasting, psyches were shattering and all I could do was dance.

But then my dance became a language that liberated the body from all its shackles, my dance became a prayer for freedom, it became a way to self-realization, an art form for the disenchanted and disenfranchised to reclaim themselves, to resurrect and reinvent – to take themselves back from the nameless, hopeless, fringes of freaky times.

We were looking for a beat, something solid and rooted where we could take refuge and begin to explore the fluidity of being alive, to investigate what it means to be a human being and why so many of us are stuck, numb, spaced-out, tense, inert- unable to stand up or sit down or scramble the screens that reflect our collective insanity 24/7."

You can check out her music on her MySpace profile or visit her page on the Raven Recordings website. It will definitely be worth your while!