Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Have You Seen Elias?

It's been more than a week since Elias went missing now.

Just thought I would put this out there on here with the idea that maybe some of y'all out that way might know something.

Below is the series of announcements and updates as I have them so far.

Thanks y'all

Via Facebook

Apparently one of our friends has gone missing. Here is a note from Minx Larsen about what is going on with Elias:

... he went up to Northern California for a few meetings and has not returned to LA. He was last seen Monday evening 7/20/09 around 8 pm in Oakland.

A text was received to my dear friend Andrea (his good friend and business partner) on Monday night at 10 pm that he would be arriving back to LA around 4 am, Tuesday morning. He has not been heard of since.

We have now found out that someone has tried to cash a falsified check (he carries his check book on him at all times) and tried to use his credit cards.

If you have any information, if you've seen him, anything at all. Please email me at minx006.9@gmail.com or call me 323-314-7200. Although, I'm happy for your best thoughts and well wishes please do not bombard my email or phone. I need relevant information at this time. I know all of your hearts are with us at this time.

Please post this to your facebook. Even if you do or don't know Elias.

We have filled a missing person and have a private investigator, we are looking for answers and need your help.

With all my heart,

Via BURNCast

Missing Burner Update: Elias Sorokin

As seen on Facebook, this is a prayer request on behalf of Anna Oleynik, the mother of missing burner Elias Sorokin, a 29 years old, last seen in Oakland. May have been in Santa Cruz, CA as of 7/20/09. Please forward.

To all who love Elias,

Elias mother here. Among Elias' friends are a few people who have contacted psychics about Elias and several of them are giving me reason to hope that Elias is alive - but he is in danger. They think that he has been taken by some people, probably two men and a woman, and that they are in over their heads, are unstable and irrational, and do not know what to do at this point.

One of these psychics - and I was assured she had not been given this information - said that Elias has three women's names on his mind. Those names are Anna, Marie and Nina. Those are me and his two sisters. If this psychic could see this, it gives me a lot of hope.

There is a woman who lives in that area who was caught trying to cash a check of Elias' and the bank caught her name but she got away.

I am asking everyone, PLEASE, send thoughts of love and forgiveness to these people, that their negative energy may dissolve and they may see a way out and listen to their conscience and not do anything rash.

It is very important to gather yourselves, and find your deepest wisdom for this. It is counterintuitive - but do not send anger their way. Send love, send calm, and send forgiveness.

And to Elias, send loving support.

Thank you very much. We all love Elias.


We still, as of today (7/26/09), do not know his whereabouts. We hope that he is alive and well, but no one has heard from him, and we know that someone (after he went missing) attempted to make a purchase with his credit card and someone else (maybe same person) also tried to cash a check from his account. If you have seen Elias or have any information that will help us find him please let us know.

Thank you.

Via Santa Cruz Sentinel

WATSONVILLE - Local police are helping in the search for a missing Los Angeles man after people twice tried to use one of his credit card and cash a check in the county.

Elias Sorokin, 29, hasn't been seen since he left Oakland around 8 p.m. on July 20. Two hours later, he sent a text message to a friend that said he would be home around 4 a.m., according to reports from Sorokin's friends and family on a blog devoted to the Burning Man Festival.

That was the last anyone has heard from Sorokin.

Police said foul play is possible.

"It's obvious that we're concerned that this person has been missing since the 20th," Watsonville police Sgt. Terry Traub said.

The missing-person investigation became connected to Santa Cruz late last week after someone tried to cash one of Sorokin's checks at the Bank of America on River Street in Santa Cruz, according to Santa Cruz police Capt. Steve Clark.

Thursday, a man and woman tried to use Sorokin's credit card to purchase items at the Target store in Watsonville. They were unsuccessful, but got away before police were notified.

Using video surveillance, investigators confirmed the man with the credit card was not Sorokin, according to Traub.

Although local police are looking into the cases of possible credit card and check fraud, the initial missing person case was filed with Oakland police, then was shifted to the Los Angeles Police Department because Sorokin lives in that city, Traub said.

It's unclear how Sorokin's personal items would have ended up in Santa Cruz County. Traub said Sorokin has a friend in the area and mentioned visiting, but also told friends he was on his way back to Los Angeles. Local law enforcement was notified Monday to be on the lookout for Sorokin and his pickup.

Word of Sorokin's disappearance and pleas for help has been posted on many Web sites about Burning Man, an annual art event and temporary community in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

"We hope that he is alive and well, but no one has heard from him," read one blog posted Sunday.

During his disappearance, Sorokin has missed business meetings, which is out of character, according to authorities. His truck - a 2007 beige/gold Toyota Tacoma with a matching Are-brand camper shell and California license plate number 8H92932 - also hasn't been located.

"It's definitely suspicion to us and that's why we're working so hard on the fraudulent use of the credit cards," Traub said. "I'm hoping some time the family will call us and say 'Oh yeah everything's good' and all we have is a lost wallet."

Sorokin is 5 feet 9 inches tall, 150 ponds with brown hair. Police ask that anyone with information about him contact the Watsonville Police Department at 768-3300.