Saturday, July 25, 2009

Only the nose knows!

I about crapped my diaper I was laughing so hard.

Even I couldn't make this shit up (and I didn't)!!!

Via Awful Plastic Surgery

C'mon now - I can keep my wig on, my titties in place and my yahoo-dilly hidden all while wrecking a Pink song and molesting the audience to the point they run out the door, pick up the pipe and end up in Whitney Houston's Crack Head rehab. My shit don't go NOwhere...

So how the fuck do you not keep up wit' yo face for the love of coochie?

Stick that shit on. Crazy glue. Staple gun. Duct tape. Hell. Tack that shit DOWN!

You know that coroner stole the damn thing and is gonna jazz it up and turn it into jewelry to sell it on Etsy. That's the true story...

Oh my aching gut!!!! I think I sharted!!!

MJ was NEVER this entertaining alive. Who else can we knock off?

"Apparently, Michael Jackson’s prosthetic nose is missing. Once considered an urban legend, there are actually witnesses who saw his body in the coroner’s office saying the his face had no nose and in its place was a hole surrounded by bits of jagged cartilage. What happened to Michael’s nose? Did infection eat away his nose or did it collapse from too many plastic surgeries as many have claimed? Was it knocked off by vigorous CPR? Had he gone to sleep without it?"