Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just give it up, Heather...

Miss Thang done lost her damned mind. This is just embarrassing. Someone needs to tell her to go sit in a corner and hush. Bless her heart...

"Clad in a navy jacket with hot-pink piping, his toenails painted orange, Isaac Mizrahi embarked on his latest project: cheesecake design. Furiously sketching a tartan-plaid version for Christmas, Mr. Mizrahi suggested “a chocolate-crumb moment” to add some crunch and asked for the cheesecake to be “enrobed” in white chocolate dyed red, with green and navy plaid stripes.

“In spring, we will do a polka dot, obviously,” he said.

Isaac Mizrahi tastes some cheesecakes for inspiration to create his own; food is just part of his planned line-up for QVC. ‘Finally, I can design petits fours,’ he said.
In December, Mr. Mizrahi will be selling those cheesecakes—along with his designs for everything from potpourri to furniture—on a new program on QVC airing eight hours a month to start, the company says. The show, called “Isaac Mizrahi Live!,” will be a significant departure from the standard sell of cable shopping channels. Part pitch, part reality television, it will follow Mr. Mizrahi around as he pitches items like a $200 handbag or $80 shoes while he engages in his other activities, riffs extemporaneously about his life and takes questions from callers.
QVC is erecting an expensive set within Mr. Mizrahi’s New York studio that can capture his day-to-day life in high-definition video, a first for the network. “Once in a while you make a calculated bet,” says Mike George, president and chief executive of the Liberty Media unit. QVC, which reported a 10% drop in first-quarter sales to $1.6 billion, says it aims to turn Mr. Mizrahi into one of its top five brands, like Philosophy or Bare Escentuals—brands the network says garner more than $100 million in annual sales apiece. Mr. Mizrahi will receive a percentage of sales as part of the arrangement."
Christ humping a Cheeto. This poor thing will do whatever she can to stay "current" and make a coin. We all gotta pay rent, I guess, but this is just sad. I don't think Miss Rawhee ever recovered from that disastrous collection of hers back in 1993. It done fucked up her melon. So go on, Heather... Party on. Have your chocolate crumb moments with your obviously enrobed snacks. Polka dots and all. I think I will pass. Jumbled melted goo designed by a hasn't-been-in-a-long-time is the last thing I want in my mailbox. Thanks, though.

I guess it really is fitting when you think about - who else but Heather could sell cakes of cheese?

And on QVC no less.