Saturday, November 28, 2009

Excuse me Ma'am, Your Puddin' is Smokin'!

Inspired by Georgina's post about Odd Family Recipes, I just had to share this one.  It's really not the recipe so much as the cook, but it was hilarious none the less.  Last year during the holidays, KaLynn and I had been remodeling her house - painting, laying floors, et cetera - and I think we were about at wit's end both mentally and physically by the time Eatin' Day got there.  Not that it's all that terribly far to the end of our wits for either of us...  Every time I go home I HAVE to have this gawd awful desert that is nothing but piles and piles of puddin' and cream cheese and whipped cream - it's insane - and I will eat the entire thing all by myself.  Well, KaLynn - being the good mama that she is - was up early the day of getting this mess ready.  We were down to the last couple of layers - chocolate I think we were at now - and she's spreadin' spreadin' spreadin' the puddin' on and gets this horrified look on her face...  She looks at me.  She looks at the puddin'.  She looks over her shoulder.  I thought for a second she was about to cry.  WTF???  With Mom, I never get too terribly alarmed until a wall falls down because she generally lives in her own world universe that has little to do with the one the rest of us reside it.  But there for just a second I almost thought something was really wrong.  I looked at her as if to say, well...  WTF?!?!?  And then she blurted out:

"I thought the puddin' was smokin'!"  And explodes into hytserics.

Now my mother's laughter is more insidious than many things you will ever come across in your lifetime.  You can not help but to join in, even if you haven't the foggiest idea what on Earth you are laughing at.  Such was the case here.  I lost it.  We were both weeping in laughter.  I had not a clue one why the puddin' was on fire - or so she thought - or WHAT she was talking about.  But damned if it wasn't the funniest thing since Lucy and Ethel's employment fiasco.  (And relatedly, when she and I get together, it is always a bit like Lucy and Ethel anyway.)

Turns out, she was seeing the reflection of the ceiling fan about her in the surface of the puddin' and the fan blades moving undoubtedly (to her at least) looked like smoke.  Hell, I dunno!  Thank goodness this was not a case of 'where there's smoke, there's fire!"  I don't know that Puddin' a la Flames would be the best desert.  Makes you wonder though if there weren't some other kinda smokin' going on that mornin'!