Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You've been Swushed!!!

 Swushed: Swept & Flushed

I do design work to (try to) make a living, but I have a whole lotta "Gimme Gimmes."  (Well, had, but that's coming.)  You know the type that sit there with their hand out goin' "Gimme! Gimme!" all day but don't want to give you a reach around or one wet squirt for it?  Yeah... Those...

Well today, the Universe musta punched my Fukkit Button because I just went through and Un-Gimme'd the bulk of it.  Done.  Whoosh.  Delete.  Sorry for ya.  Hope you win.  Go (don't) pay someone else.  You couldn't afford me anyway.  I went from maintaining 40-ish sites, to Eight in a matter of minutes!  Click!  Click!  Click!  FLUSH!!!  Whooo Haw!  I just feel like shouting:  "Free at last!  Free at last!  This cranky faggot is free at last!!!"  (Actually, I just did, with a couple of "Yee-Haws" for good measure while doing the horsey gallop and smackin' my own ass around the room...)

The free feed trough is closed.  Belly up to someone else's bar. 

This new found liberation I am going through here lately is quite enjoyable.  I seem to have gone from Doormat to Bouncer - and I'm lovin' it like some Justin Timberlake at Mickey D's!!!

Who's next????