Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six Words Saturday

Six Word Saturdays is a weekly series over at Call Me Cate's very funny blog, Show My Face.

Mine for this week are:

I'm ready for the next chapter...

It's been a rough road these past few months - this entire year, to be honest - but I am looking forward to what lies ahead. I have realized so much. Past people have wandered into my world again; present people have faded out. Priorities have changed. And the possibilities are seemingly endless. "It's all happening..."

And then, this morning, this gal made an appearance... Scritching and scratching her way out onto the page. I hope you enjoy it!

Untitled (as of yet)

In my tree with Natalie
spying on packed bags
and promises broken
I climb a ladder
of stolen pens
and paper scrapped
for inspiration
scrubbing free the
i revel in you as
eraser dust
blown away
nothing more now
than shadowed smudges
on parchment weathered