Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Rabbity Defense

This blog is my vent.  I am not psychotic and all Sylvia Plath with my head in the oven (it's electric, anyway) or toilet and suicidal.  I am just ranting.  I am getting it out, and working through it.  It's not unlike taking pen to paper in a journal - which I do also.  I just prefer this medium because of all the feedback I receive.  It often helps to hear your comments and thoughts and [it] gives me a new perspective I might not have considered otherwise.

Some people drink.  Some people dance.  Some people punch things.   Some people scream at the make-believe.  I blog.  I howl...

All is (relatively) well in Rabbitland.  I am just howling.  Wading through the bullshit...  "Makin' in work," as Tim would say.

But I thank you all for all your concern and feedback and input and shut-fuck-ups.  It really does help more than you know.