Monday, October 6, 2008


Hey y'all - just a heads up about posting things (graphics or text). If you have something you would rather not have "borrowed" (for lack of a better word) be sure to put the copyright on it when you post it. i.e. Copyright 2008 by John Doe You can also use the C in the circle - © - in lieu of the word Copyright. This morning I discovered quite a few things of mine (graphics, blog post, poetry) that have been "borrowed" and posted elsewhere. By default, anything you create is automatically copyrighted, but just to be on the safe side, mark it as well.

More info here.

- Rabbit

EDIT: Another thing I was just made aware of by my Attorney - if any of you use Blogger or Blogspot - if you place a disclaimer in the sidebar stating:

All material on this site is Copyright © 2008 by [Your Name] unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

it will protect anything you post on your site. You can also go in and adjust the settings on your Blog Posts in Layout and change the automated text that appears after each post to include the Copyright symbol - just be sure you have the date appearing with the Copyright.

© 2008 by [Your Name] at 10/06/2008 09:59:00 PM