Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweeping out the Rabbit's Den (AKA: Move you fucking little turds!!!)

I just took a Rabbit sized bulldozer and leveled a whole mess of bullshit this morning. Was a member of Tribe for the last couple of years and - total understatement here - it's slowly gone to utter shit. So, like most of the Tribers, I migrated over to "Tribe Refugees" on Ning. In theory, this was a good idea. It was similar enough to Tribe that you kept the same contacts and the same basic feel as Tribe. The problem was it was so open and this massive infestation of Trolls and Dickcheese also came with it. Another problem is that with it being an Open Network, there were rules that one had to follow in order for it to remain open and not be classified as an Adult Network. Well, you know how well Rotten Twatted Trolls can be... So that didn't last long. Yesterday it was deemed adult content by the powers that be at Ning. Fun stuff. And then the ruckus began and the Cyber Roaches came out in full force - bitching and moaning and attacking and just causing all matters of general horseshit. I even got personally attacked in one of the groups I belong to by some Pus Rocket (regarding blowjob photos and some such shit about zoo monkeys)!!! I - still - have no idea what she was talking about... Maybe this bitch missed her meds... Or maybe she took too many - who knows...

So - with Tribe not working and Ning becoming something like a bit of used ass paper floating in an unflushed toilet - in true Rabbit Fashion I just said FUCK IT ALL and deleted everything on both websites and closed my accounts.

Aint overreaction fun??? (It felt good actually.)

Social networking should be an enjoyable experience. Not something that rolls up your morning newspaper and ass fucks you with it on a daily basis. I can give myself paper cuts if that's the case.

Done. Over it.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

The people that matter I still have contact with - the ones that don't - well I don't mind that they don't matter.

Onward and upward. Time to move on.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

*peers out window*

Wonder what the Real World is like these days....