Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How dare you dare to disagree...?

Wow. I have been on this quest to find and/or maintain some vague modicum of faith in humanity. Gave turdy people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was just a bad day. Maybe they were just a snarky bitch but there was - maybe - something resembling a human heart underneath it all. Maybe they just need a friend.

Unfortunately, this has been a quest in failure. People - by default - are shits. The occasional awesomeness is a total fluke.

Who knew that when I deleted my account(s) on these dumb networking sites it would there by render me non-existent or - better yet - an asshole. What a trip.

And I love all the drama that went down over at Tribe Refugees with the porn ads and chaos. The site got deemed "Adult Content" because people were posting inappropriate photos for the TOU of the site. A day before I had blogged (on there) about some NASTY bitch posting photos of close ups of her un-mowed crotch in soggy panties and how it about made me lose my lunch. The next day Ning swooped in. So I was being accused of turning in the greasy pud's pictures - which I did NOT do. I merely changed my log in to my actual profile rather than the main page so I didn't have to see whatever people were posting and left it at that. But then - and here's the kicker - I ALSO got accused of having illicit photos on my profile - which I did NOT have - and single handedly causing the censorship. When I responded to this attack, I was called out by the moderator of the group - and then a separate thread was posted (by said moderator) demanding respect and telling (me) not to overreact. Sorry but I don't take false accusations against myself in a public forum lightly. So - well - from yesterday's post you can see just how well I overreacted. My question is - how could I have HAD the porn in question - AND reported the porn in question - and gotten the network locked down. Maybe I am missing something but it makes no sense to me. Fuck 'em and feed 'em fish.

But what I am loving the most about all of this is that now my "friends" from these damned sites are completely treating me like I have the plague. I have written to a few of them and - at best - am getting one or two word responses - if anything at all.

So - in this derailed rambling ass blog I guess what it boils down to is this. People suck. Ass. A lot. Don't trust 'em. Don't believe in 'em. It's all bullshit. But I guess that's what you get for befriending people hiding behind some online profile. If they have that much time to sit in front of a computer all day long it should give pause as to why they aren't out there interacting with actual humans in the Real World.

Fuck it.

So what.

I am a rock star...