Monday, October 20, 2008

Reading 10/20 - Magick Mirror

Since I no longer have my Tribe or Ning places for y'all to lurk about and glean insight from (ha ha!) a few of you had asked that I post this here. This is just a cross post of the one on Facebook, so if you have already seen it, oh well. Will also be posted on STTLG, as well.

I usually work with my voodoo cards, so that is probably what I will be using the most often. They are never much further away than arms reach. This morning, there is weird energy running around my house. Started last night... Connie was in the living room and thought I was talking to her. T'wasn't me. I was in the back. Also got a whiff of the Onion Man. Have no idea who he is but every so often I just get the strongest smell of Green Onions, and then stuff goes all willy nilly. I suspect it may be because we are coming out of the retrograde and Samhain is just around the corner... Who knows. Samhain is WAY late this year too - November 7th...

Anyway - this morning I pulled the Magick Mirror, which, oddly enough (or maybe not) callus up occult powers, the moon, magic and sorcery. Interesting. It is a metaphor for the "other side" where the spirits reside. It calls us to make our eyes see - really see - not just look around. We must strive to not just SEE the world - but see into it. We're often blinded but the normalcy and routine that is our lives that we miss what is really going on and what the Universe is offering to us. For me, personally, this is very true right not. I tend to get so busy in getting things done lately that I miss all the glory that is happening around me. An old practice that Big Mama (my great-grandmother and mentor) used to have us do was to sit and watch our reflections until they began to move - and then to look BEYOND the mirror at what visions were swimming up.

So I think with this card today maybe we should just take a minute to hit the pause button. Look around. Listen. Enjoy. The magic is strong in the world right now and if we just take the time to chill out and embrace it, I feel that there are many, many joys to be had.

Kinda like the mystical version of stopping to smell the roses.