Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Scares the Hell Out of Me (and Explains A lot)!

This was a blog posted earlier today:

I am leaving to substitute teach to day. I didnt work yesterday and got yelled at by a secretary who has a job because she couldnt answer questions. I am not owrking much so I get to wonder why people get to be rude to new comers. NO NO there is no good to coem from arguing at site where you application is beign considered for a high paying job because a rude office assistant cant answer a question. Today shoudl be good .. 2nd grade. The sun is out. I promise to learn to upload fotos. namaste friends and members

And from their profile:

Official job, in life as we know it: teacher

This is what is teaching our youth? No wonder we are facing our current state of affairs... Sad. Disturbing. Downright frightening. Makes you wonder if home schooling is not a more beneficial route. It also makes me wonder if the poster did not get the job because of the rude office assistant or because said poster is a flaming idiot.