Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am really considering and debating upon the fate of the BLG network.

It's not what I intended (envisioned) it to be, nor is it all that active anyway.

The description/tagline for the network reads as such:

"Beyond the Looking Glass is a social network for those seeking to share Pagan related views, concerns, interests, and experiences in an intelligent and mature environment. All paths, faiths, beliefs, and practices are embraced and encouraged."

However, such is not the case. I was cleaning up the site today and going through the discussion forums, and rarely, if ever, are any of the discussions of any worth actually Pagan related. The threads that get the most bite are either bitching and moaning and carrying on or just silly, unrealted topics of absolutely no merit. The rest sit there ignored like the bastard child at the family reunion. I don't know if people just don't have anything to say about anything other than the superficial postings or they just don't want to bother, or what...

While I shouldn't complain because there are a lot of great people on the network, and I wouldn't trade them for anything, I get tired of busting my hump trying to maintain the site and fighting with Ning to keeps things rolling when it is not at all what it's facade presents it to be. It's become nothing more than a playground. Many of the original members are not longer active because of this very problem. They have stepped back and no longer participate because the activity on the site is not what they joined the network to be a part of.

I scour the internet and my bookcases looking for topics only to have them ignored in favour of complaining about a completely different fucking network or threads about what so-n-so is having for dinner or how much beer we had the night before.

It's discouraging. I put forth my time and effort for what?

Romper Room for Adults?
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Maybe it (BLG) has done what it came to do... Maybe it's served its purpose...

I dunno...

Maybe I should just hand it off to someone else and let it be whatever it is to become.

It just doesn't feel worth it lately.

And I think I have made a hole in the wall beating my head against it.

There's my bitch session. But at least it's on my blog...