Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anacronyms & Abbreviations in Rabbitese

Granted, it's no secret that my brain does not quite work like that of everyone else.  But sometimes I even have to sit back at my own whackadooery and say "WTF?"  Mom blogged recently pondering the psychic abilities of her DHL delivery dude and it got me wondering what DHL stands for.  (No, I still don't know.  I got distracted and forgot to look it up.)  Anacronyms and abbreviations and I are old friends.  I get lost for hours making up words to go with said letters.  License plates?  Forget it.  I'm done.  If you are over there torturing me by making me ride in a car and yapping ninety-to-nothing and get no response - I am probably creating PSU 937 into Please Shut Up for the 937th time!!!  (And drive, damn it.)

Anyway - rambling - DHL.  It began as driver/delivery related.  That didn't work.  I am pretty sure Driving Hookers Left is NOT what that stands for.  That was about the extent of driving references...

Then we had Donking Hot Latinos...  Probably not.

Dumb Horny Lesbians?  Dick Hard Lately???

And then, out of the blue I shouted - literally - DON'T HURT LEON!!!  

No, I don't know who the fuck Leon is, either.  But, apparently, The Universe thinks it is pretty important seeing as I am blurting it out at the top of my lungs to absolutely no one.  It's a good thing I don't have a cat - it would be hanging from the ceiling with a nervous disorder by now (or trying to kill me in my sleep, they do that you know).

So...  What do YOU think DHL stands for (in Rabbitese, of course)?  No looking it up.  I no longer really give two shakes of turdy drawers what it actually means.  What can you come up with?

And just for gits and shiggles, how many of you actually know what URL stands for???

[UPDATE:  rotacoL ecruoseR mrofinU :LRU | )sserpxE ediwdlroW LHD fo srednuof( nnyL dna molblliH ,yeslaD :LHD ]