Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't make me get the flying monkeys!!!

Good grief what a week or two it's been.  I have totally neglected my blog - neglected commenting on y'all even more so.  (Sorry!)  Lately I don't know which what is up, down, or under - and I keep checking the sky to some if some caterwauling heiffer and her mangey ass dog are fixin' to floop down on my head and steal my shoes...

Between the damned constant migraines, insomnia, Kik's PMS, this damned weather, my claustrophobia from being stuck in this motel, chronic insomnia, crackhead tweakers living nextdoor, nightmare nitpicky clients, gimme gimmes with their hands out - all on top of my usual neurotic madness - it's a wonder I have not climbed up on top of the building and started flinging poo at the passing train...  Splat! Splat! Mother fucker!  People really don't know how lucky they truly are.  Of late, I could chunk a turd hard enough to send your left nut flyin'. Trust.

But all in all, it's progress.  The influx of work - not matter how frustrating it may be - is coin in the purse and one step closer to moving this summer.  Just have to keep it all in perspective and remember it is for the greater good and soon I will be out of this gawd forsaken infected twat of a state and can bid adieu to the whole graphics world once and for all.  It's all steppin' on babies and doin' the fukkit dance to get to the life I will soon be living.  Nothing in this world is free (unless I am designing your blog, apparently) and this is just me earning my keep for the world that is about to open up.

And no I am not medicated.  Ha ha ha!  I am really just trying to keep the positive energy flowing and moving forward - and since my Give a Damn has, in fact, busted, hopefully it won't be too hard a row to hoe.  It's much easier with a goal and something to look forward to.  When one can say only "X" more months or "X" more jobs, et cetera.

I've got jobs lined up and somewhat organized now, so perhaps I will be able to maintain my presence here a little better.  I miss hearing what all is up with all of y'all.  I have dozens of unfinished drafts to post, so perhaps I will go back and revisit some of those and try to breathe a little life into this sad little blog again.

I hope all is well in your worlds.  Stop in and leave a comment or two.  
Would love to hear from ya!