Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Y'alls need to...

...fix your e-mails on your profile so I can personally reply to your comments! Dadgummit!

A bunny in your box is a good thing!

But Dear Mister Wise Rabbit the Super Geek, how do we do that? 

Well, lemme tell ya...

Go to your Dashboard.  Click on Edit Profile.  Then under Privacy - three bloops down - click on that little box next to Show My Email Address.  Now peek over yonder to the left, you will see something like this:  Currently set to  This is where, when you comment, people can email you their personal replies rather than replying in the original comment section.

But Dear Mister Wise Rabbit the Super Geek, I don't want my REAL email showing to every Tom, Dick, and Suzy!!!  They might crawl through the webbernets and sit inside my monitor, sucking on jelly beans and thinking untoward and lascivious thoughts while watching me from inside there while I peruse Etsy for handmade Granny Panties and listen to Liberace cover-tunes as performed by limbless children... 

Not to worry Rabbiteers!  A solution is at hand.

Scroll down just a little titch to the Identity section.  See just below User Name there's a box for Email Address.  You can put whatever creams your Twinkie in there.  You can create a new email address just for your blog comments to the licks of (not a real email) if you want to.  It matters not!  What matters is you have a email there (that you can check, of course) to receive your comment replies.

Then once you have done all that, slide on down to the bottom of the page like Smiley Virus on a stripper pole and slap that Save Profile button!   

Voila! (Or "Walla" as Mom says!) You gotcha yourself some faincy-panted high-falutin' place for the folks to holler atcha at!

You're welcome,