Sunday, February 14, 2010

Got Art?

Introducing the (official) launch

Boho Bloggers is an artists' blogging collaborative for everyone wishing to share their creative spirit. Painters & Poets. Doodlers & Designers. Playwrights & Novelists. Jewelers & Couturiers. Dancers & Musicians. Singers & Songwriters.  Photographers & Fantasizers.  Hair Stylists & Make-Up Artists.

The list goes on and on... If it's creative, it counts.

Sell your wares. Trade your talents. Or just show the world what you've got! Anything goes.

For more information, contact me (Rabbit) here and join us in making The Universe a better place one piece of Art at a time!   Even if you are not as artistically inclined as your won't you be my neighbor, you are still more than welcome to engage in this artistic endeavour and  Follow or Subscribe To the blog - and keep up with the latest update by following us on Twitter @BohoBloggers!

(Guest posting is also available.) 

Tell your friends!  Tell your Mama!
Come join us - and GO BOHO!