Thursday, February 4, 2010

If "chivalry is dead," it's your own damned fault.

Dear Exacerbated Asshole,

I was raised to be a door holder, chair puller outer, car door opener, flat tire changer...  I am a yes ma'am please and thank you-er...  But in recent years, such actions are met with nothing but disdain and hostility and contempt and just down right fucking hatefulness.

So you know what?  Open your own fucking doors.  I hope the chair slides out from under you and you fall on your fat puckered ass in the middle of the crowded restaurant.  Change your own tire - and break a fucking nail - in the rain on the side of the interstate - during rush hour.  It's all yours.  And get the fuck out of my way while you're at it.  I was here first.

I'm done.

People bitch about getting no respect - get it - and then bitch about that, too.  Well, fuck you Suzy Homaker.  You can do it your gawd damned self.

Sorry 'bout your angry twat and your skewed perception of what is intended to be polite - and GASP! - chivalrous.

Hope you win.

- Rabbit