Friday, February 5, 2010

A Month of Me: Day 9 (Busy work...)

No real funnery to report today.  Have been busy working on a new look for the Blog Formerly Known as The Winter of our Discontent and now known as Penny Lane.  She wanted something new and upbeat.  I think I achieved it.  She's not given the final Hoo-Hah! yet, but it is live.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I rather like it.  It fits Penny perfectly, I think.

Went to the Post Office this morning - and while nothing happened this time AT the post office, I do have a funny for you.  I am about 70 lbs. or so underweight at this point.  Being a broke ass ho, I've not the money to buy new clothes - nor do many people make clothes for someone with a 20something inch waist and a 34-36 inch inseam...  My britches fell the fuck off as I was walking down the damned road.  Off, dude!  Around my ankles off!!!  I tripped.  I fell.  FORTUNATELY, I had my draws on underneath (which is not the norm), so all of Copperas Cove got to see my "Greetings from the Pole" snowman boxers...  Go me.

But no bitching today.  Or ranting or raving or hysteria.  Just a plain ol' boring day staying busy and hoping for more work.  It's kind of a relief actually.  I have had about enough lately...