Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Month of Me: Day 12 (The End of an Era)

Well, as of today and after just over two years and 500 + posts, Rabbity Things (as a "gossip blog") is no more.  I've been struggling with the idea of closing it down for a while now.  I just haven't had the time - or the interest - to maintain it for some time.  The market is now so over saturated with similar sites that I just don't want to deal with the competition - and I am really not interested in keeping up with it all.  When it all began the market was minimal.  I have never really been one to watch t.v. or keep up with the whozitsfucking enough to really make a success out of it.  I would force myself to watch this program or that - get bored before it was over and then by the time I actually got the post up - it was old snooze and the cycle started again.

I kept all the posts, so it will be entertaining to go back and review them after a spell.  Some may even resurface on here.  There were some great posts out that way.  But for now, I am using it as a gateway to my design work.  I will eventually get off my ass and actually build the portfolio under the domain, but this is it for the moment.  It feels strange.  I made peace with letting it go - as I have done with a few other projects this year, but there still feels a bit of a void.

I knew 2010 was to be a year of change, I just didn't realize how much - nor did I realize how much it would affect me.  Gofigger.

Stay tuned for a rockin' announcement regarding Rabbity Things™ Designs, though.  Have a couple of really great specials coming up that I think you'll be jazzed about.  AND come check out - and join us, dang it - over a Boho Bloggers.  It's really building itself in quite and amazing little artist colony!

And woo - fat fuckin - hoo!  After a week straight, the damned headache is gone!  

UPDATE: To clarify, Redhead Dancing is not going anywhere. Chaos will ensue as normal here. My other blog, Rabbity Things, is the one going away. I am not jumping ship (shark, maybe, but not ship), I am just eliminating dead weight.  Sorry for the confusion, y'all.  The redhead is still, most definitely, dancing.