Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's not you. I promise. Can we still be friends?

I am not avoiding or dissing or whatever any of you.  However, if you have word verification on your comments, I will no longer be commenting.  Over the past few days I have left several comments only to have them eaten and shat like an exuberant asshole with too much Taco Bell into the great abyss of word verification blogger land.  I give up.  I am boycotting, damn it!  

Those things just irk the clotted poo right out of me.  They (Blogger's version, at least) are ineffective and unnecessary, especially if you have anonymous comments turned off.  It's redundant overkill.  And I am not doing it any more.   I left a rather lengthy and well thought out comment yesterday (even shockingly devoid of my notorious FUCKs) and it vanished.

So fuck it.  Grrrr...  So annoyed.

End of rant.