Monday, February 1, 2010

Missed the Grammys? Let me sum it up...

It smelled like this:

Yeah...  That's pretty much the highlight.  It was that good.  Of course you missed Queen Elton and Our Lady of the Ga performing together...  Which while the music was pretty rockin' - the performance, as a whole, was dull for Gaga and they both looked like discharge from the twat of the Coal Miner's Daughter.  I dunno.  You also missed Bouncey in a trashbag tutu doing some weird random Rhythm Nation impression as Tawny Kitean covering Alanis Morrissette - well, it would have been an Alanis cover had Bouncey remembered the words...

Then Pink did her flying monkey routine - AGAIN - and peed on the crowd from 30 feet in the air...  Swift: T did a rousing rendition of really bad karaoke with the incomparable Stevie Nicks that just frightened me.  Stevie must have voodooed T's young ass to sound like a braying mule (and thusly making Stevie sound like the Goddess she is). 
Swift also won everything she was nom'd for (shockingly) again sans a drunken Kanye.  I love Swifty to bits, but the awarding her for EVERYthing now is getting old.  Best booger picker!  Swift: T!!!  Best giggly cooze!  Swift: T!!!  Over it.  Then we had Bea Arthur back from the dead doing the pee-pee dance and praisin' Jeezus with Bon Jovi (who eerily does NOT age).  Dave Matthews and crew had some kind of musical tribute to epileptic dancing...

Hooked on Fonixes does not work for JelLO - maybe she was distracted by all her squooshing going on.  Roberta Flack must be paralyzed but give the granny some props-es for coming out anyway, not moving a muscle and rocking OUT a bedazzled neck brace.  Awwright...  And then some rap folk got muted for about 90% of their ditty...  (I think Green Day was in there too somewhere...  I forget.)

And Swift-T won again.

Go Grammy.

It was a hot tranny mess.  (Actually, it was a tepid, unshaved, cross-dressing mess under the heat lamps at Wendy's - and that's being generous.)