Saturday, January 30, 2010

Six Word Saturday

You are so full of shit!

I was afforded a break from the internet yesterday - well, I TOOK a break from the socially bullshittery of the internet yesterday because my blogs got hacked - yet again - and I had to do a little maintenance. 

Anyway, that's neither here nor there (but do check out the new look at Rabbity Things™ when you get a minute).  I have a Twitter notifier that is always on when I am online.  Little window pops up with the latest from my followers twat stream.  Have you even just taken time out - not participated - and watch/read/observed the antics of some of these people.  One of them I finally got annoyed with and just unfollowed.  We'll call her Woela (as in Woe is Me! Alas!).  She was workin' my tittay right out the front door - and back in the window.  Everything was a bitch, moan, or complain.  Damn Gurrrl.  Shut the fuck up.  Give that poor chair a break and unass it from your behemoth backside, step away from the computer, and participate in your own life.  Do something about it other than boo-fuckin-hooing to people who really don't give two squirts of flung monkey shit in the first place.  If you're this much fun IRL, no wonder your life is a big ball of fumunda cheese suckage.  Let me crack open a can of worms.  Munch down, li'l mama.

But she's gone - no longer exists as far as I am concerned.  Enough about her...

Moving on...

The one that really gets me gigglin' is the Queen [of] B[S].  You know the type.  Slagging around all over the place - Twitter, Facebook, Blogger - and heavens knows where else - just annoying the Taco Bell right out of your asshole.  She has something to say about everything.  She knows more than anyone.  And she replies and LOLs like she's got some form of fucked up virtual tourettes.  You know the type.  You might not be feeling well and will be treated to a tweet about how her uterus fell out.  Your kids achieves something nice at school and hers was just chosen by Ghandi, The Pope, and mother fucking Big Bird as the Ambassador of Goodwill and Horseshit for the Freaky Mom's Space Program.  She really could be her own Jeopardy category on Fuckeduppery and Nonsense.  What kills me about our dear friend The Queen is that she talks so much shit, she can't keep up with herself.  If you go back and read her twat stream (or blog) it's beyond obvious that it's nothing more than her cooter flappin' to get attention.   "Look at me!  Look at me!  I'm cool like you!!!"  Spitwad to the eye and bubblegum in your hair, heiffer! She contradicts herself usually within the course of a day.  I was ROLLING yesterday reading past posts and twats.  She kills me.  She shan't be deleted or unfollowed as it's just too damned entertaining.  And I am TERRIBLE, because I bait her.  I just make shit up for her to respond to with her plethora of wit and wisdom.  And she never lets me down...

But there's my 6WS for today.  I won't be linking it up, I don't think, because I don't exactly fit into the aesthetic of things over there with this one today.  But you that matter will see it anyway.  Stay tuned for my Day 6 of my 30 Day project.

p.s.  Don't ask who either of the above mentioned are.  I am not saying.  Don't want to hurt any specific feelings anymore than I may have already done.  And besides, what if it's you????