Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fanks and Things

Just wanted to officially say "hello" and "welcome" to all the new Followers that have joined us in the last few days.  I went from losing folks to gaining a whole mess of new people - which is super cool.

Also wanted to say many, many, many thank yous to everyone who participated in my 'favourites' project.  I was really suprised at some of the entries that were chosen.  Totally NOT what I expected.  I have the top ten of your favourites compiled and will be posting all of those on a separate site as well as a copy of my play "Queen of the Fuckin' Universe."  and my Ursula kid's book(s).  The first four of the top ten are up already - you can view them by clicking here. The remaining posts and stuff should be up within the next few days (okay, weeks, probably, but I am working on it!!!).

And - if you want to see my latest busy-work as a side project for Missy at Loving my Child's Gifts, have a gander here (test blog project).

Thanks again to all of y'all for making Redhead Dancing™ the success that it is.  I am more grateful that you realize.  You mean the world to me - and my blogs.