Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To all my Rabbiteers...

[Note:  This was intended to have been published days ago.  Don't know why it didn't.  I just now found it in my drafts.  Who knows...]

I think I have welcomed all the new followers personally, but if I haven't forgive me.  The count almost doubled within a week and I am now not sure who are actually bloggery type folks and who are just skating in for the sake of following from that horrendous Follow Friday thing I made the mistake of doing.  

So, if I have not yet said hello, gimme a shout.  I don't bite (very hard - and if I do happen to, I have had all my shots.  No rabid rabbit here.).  I'm thrilled to have all of you - everyone both new and old -  as a part of my blogging experience.  I have learned so much and grown in ways one would expect from such a medium.

So welcome - and thank you - to everyone who engages with me here at Redhead Dancing™!