Thursday, January 21, 2010

Patience and Halos

I have decided that people like Cate and C.Beth must have the patience of Job and blinged-out halos for the effort they put forth in getting people to participate with their blog projects.  I have neither.  To say my patience is limited is the understatement of the year and the closest thing I have to a halo is a cockring.  I get so frustrated trying to get people to jump on the bandwagon to no avail.  I used to have a Ning community that no matter what I did, nothing happened and it ended up dying a horrible death in the night with its flesh erupting in boils.  AKA: I gave up and shut the shit down.  I am about at that point here in the Land of Blogbelieve in trying to get folks to interact, engage and participate. 

Perhaps this is not my calling...

I think I will just ramble and say fuck a lot.  I'm good at that.