Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I'm a Radiant Asshole and I'm Happy!"

This is in honour of the ever amazing Lady J at Pen to Pages.  She, like I, had a bit of a rough day yesterday with the every elusive little bitch called Happiness and is a Spoken Word fan like myself - so I thought I would post this for any who may need a little pick me up.  The artist in the video is the fucking fabulous poet and author, Maggie Estep.  She put out a few albums back in the '90s - No More Mister Nice Girl ("I'm not a normal girl.  I'm an angry, sweaty girl.  So BITE ME!") and Love is a Dog from Hell ("I'm an emotional idiot, so get away from me - I mean, come here.") - but her magic is really in the words.  She is also one hell of an author.  If you don't know Maggie - seek her out.  I know if you are a fan of this blog, you will fall in love (with her).  The video is only a minute and a half long.  Take the time.  Trust.

Okay. One more.  As charming as y'all seem to think I am, THIS is what it's REALLY like living with me.  Nail.  Head.  Bingo!