Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday Tunes (And yes, I know it's Thursday... Thank You.)

Slow on the intake as always, I found this on the fabulicious blog of Penny Lane. And for the record, she was late too, so...  But it's fun and I haven't anything actually worthwhile to do while I wait for the mailman so I thought I would give it a ya-ya.

What tv show uses the best music?
I really like the music from Nip/Tuck if I can bear to watch the show anymore.  Poor thing jumped shark so bad even the shark said "What the fuck?"  But the music on there is usually pretty outstanding.  Love the theme song "Make Me Beautiful" by Engine Room.  I once did a mashup Drag show number of "Make Me Beautiful" and Manson's "Beautiful People" with my head in bandages and half my face gone.  The audience was a little verklempt on that one.  And who could not love Jennifer Coolidge's "Yo Stink, Bitch" ? Classic.

So many musicians try their hand at acting, who do you think is the best at it?
I would have to go with David Bowie on this one.  Anyone that can go from The Hunger to Labyrinth to Twin Peaks and then turn around and play Tesla is tops in my book.  Of course, I could just be biased because I secretly hope he will leave his wife, kidnap me, carry me off to Goblin City, and force me to do things to him that would frighten the fish.

What's your favorite music related TV show?

Are there any good ones?  I am not a big fan of Screaming Teens American Idol.  I cringe every time Andrew Lloyd Webber starts searching for a new ho.  The Singing Bee brings horny cats to my window - kinda like Kelis and her milkshake.  That acapella one here a minute ago wasn't bad...  If it's music related I usually will go with something like Austin City Limits or Great Performances.  Yes, PBS.  I'm geeky like that.

And now you know.