Monday, January 18, 2010

Made my day...

Been havin' a crappy day today.  Was feeling poorly over the weekend - just generally stressed out - and in the aftermath of being ill...

And my friend's four year old daughter, Lil Bit calls me (this is not unusual - I get several calls a week).  The conversation today went something like this:

Lil Bit:  BUNNY!!!

Me:  Hey darlin' what are you —

Lil Bit:  We saw the stinky truck!!!

Me:  The stinky truck???  You mean the trash truck?


Lil Bit:  No.....

[I think I confused her.]

Me:  Well what did the stinky truck look like?

Lil Bit:  Truck.  It said "you smell."

Me:  [completely lost at this point but going with it]  "You smell" huh?  Where did you see the stinky truck?

[I'm wondering where on EARTH this is going.]

Lil Bit:  Yeah. [clunk] Mooooommmmm —

[LB is apparently done with me.  Lil Mama gets on the phone.]

Lil Mama:  Did you get all that?

Me:  I got it but I don't get it.  What the hell's a stinky truck?

Lil Mama:  "U.S. Mail."  She's been hangin' around you too much.

Totally made my day.  Gotta love it.  (And trust me, "precocious" doesn't even begin to cover it!)