Friday, December 4, 2009

Did you know there's more than one "Following" option???

I didn't. 

There seems to be a plethora of the darn things, actually.  I couldn't figure out why with all the following and commenting within Blogspot that I do, I was not getting a whole heck of a lot of a response to my own.  (This is somewhat related to my last post.)  I went in to "Manage" my blogs from my Dashboard this morning and realized that the bulk of who I was following, I was doing so "Anonymously" - AND via my GOOGLE PROFILE - NOT my Blogger Profile.

I didn't realize this was an option - or that there were so many options.  Back in the day, you just clicked "Follow" and your Blogger ID followed said blog.  Now it seems you can log in and/or follow with just about whatever you want:  Google, Yahoo, Open ID, Twitter, Bacon Grease & Spit, or the Left Nut of your First Born Male...  My problem was that with it defaulting to "Anonymous" no one actually KNEW I was following them; and if they did, it was linking back to my Google account, which does not have any links to any of my blogs...  So they didn't know I was there; nor did they know how to find me.  Wonderful!

The only way I have found thus far around it is to go into to the blog management on my Dashboard (there's a button at the bottom that reads "Manage") and start checking settings.  In the main list it shows you easily enough if you are following whichever blog publicly or privately, but in order to figure out which flappin' profile it has decided to use, you have to click the settings link for each blog.  (I know: hemorrhoid.) 

That brings up this window:

As you can see, it has opted to go with the damned Google profile (there's a little "G" in the bottom right of the image) and it's set to follow anonymously.  To get it to link up to your Blogger profile, just click "Change" and choose the appropriate one (and trip OUT on all the options now!) and then click the "anonymously" link to follow the blog publicly - and click then click "Done." 

I don't know when all this changed but it sure is a freakin' chore and a half.  And was something I was totally unaware of until stumbling across it this morning. 

Maybe things will pick up now....