Saturday, December 5, 2009

YOU have been bestowed...

...the honour of the wigglin' willies and bouncin' boobs!!!

I don't often get into the whole bloggery awardery thing.  But there are some of you out there that really just rock my world.  I wanted to take the opportunity to recognize that.  So I give you the "You Make Me Shake It" award.  No big list of You-Gottas for this one like there is on many of them.  My only request is that you pass it on to at least one dutiful blogger that really keruffles your khakis and gets your Spanx spinnin'!  You know the ones.  Those that you just look forward to seeing their latest post or that just makes your day when they comment on your own.  Blogging can be a tough gig and often times we don't tell one another just how much we appreciate all that we do.  So pay it forward and says thanks to just one person .  That's all.  (There will be thumpage of the nipple if you don't! *tink-tink*) 

So without further ado - and absoultely no doo-doo - in no particular order, it's a do-si-do, don'tcha know -  the award goes to:

• Deb at Menopausal New Mom
• Nikke at Just Nikke (Happy Anniversary, btw!)
• Georgina at Olive Juice and Dad's Second Whatever
• Call Me Cate at (a lot of places, but we'll go with) Show My Face
and my baby sister
• Laynee at Layne Spills

Keep dancin' y'all!

[NOTE:  The graphic is 200x175 in effort to fit most layouts, and it's transparent so it shouldn't squirrel with your own colour scheme too much.  You can gank the one from above or there is a direct link to the image HERE.]