Saturday, December 5, 2009

Open Letter to My Facebookers & MySpacers

I have gotten several inquiries of the "are you mad at me?" variety this past month due to my lack of activity and/or response to postings at both places.  In short, the answer is no.  I am not mad at anyone.  My living situation has changed (lost my apartment last month) and I am not at a place in which I have the computer or internet access that I used to.  It is now difficult to check umpteen different sites umpteen times a day and keep up with it all any longer.  Before I had cable internet available 24/7.  Such is now not the case.

There are feeds to my blog at both Facebook and at MySpace - as well as feeds to my Twitter account - which is why you see so many posts.  However, all the comments and replies do not feed back to me, or my blog, unless I check them  manually, which I do not always have time for.  It's difficult to maintain my blog (ie posting and commenting there, which for the most part I can do OFFline and update as necessary), maintain Rabbity Things (which I actually get some vague modicum of revenue from), check emails, search for employment, and maintain any sort of presence on these Socially Networky sites.  So the latter usually loses out and fall by the wayside.

It's nothing personal.  It's just what is practical and feasible at the given moment.  You are all more than welcome to participate in my blog, Redhead Dancing, with me.  There is commenting there -  open to anyone and everyone - which is available by simply clicking the feed's link for the blog itself. Those I get to easily and usually within a timely manner.  Otherwise, it may be a while before I respond - if I even do.

So, no, I aint mad atcha.  I just can't keep up.

Hope y'all understand.