Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lawd Have Mercy! Get my handbasket ready!!!

We's all goin' to hell!

Homo?   - I ♥ that we made the top of the list!  (Wife Beater?  Is that the shirt?  Or the Chris Brown?)  New Ager?  ✔  Environmentalist?  ✔  (PKs?  Really?  Why?)  Effeminate Man?  ✔  - Grab that pussy and twirl, girl!!!  (Emos?  Again, really?  Annoying sure?  But condemned to eternal damnation???  Poor things.  Aren't they emotional enough as it is?)  Pervert?  ✔ - A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, damn it!  Pagan?  ✔  Loud Mouth Woman?  Sometimes - Where's my wig???  High Fullutent?  WTF?  Were they high when they tried to spell falutin'?  Sophisticated Swine?  ✔  Le Oink, mother fucker!  Sports Nut?  ✔  Geaux Saints!!!  (Though I do love that it's actually spelled as Sport's Nuts.  I guess the whole damned locker room is fucked.  Jockstraps be warned!!!)

And why is everything possessive, rather than plural?

Better start makin' your own list and checkin' it twice.

This handbasket of mine is gonna fill up pretty damned quick!