Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's not Gay. Stop the Hate.

Few things really get under my skin and chap my ass.  (Yeah, right...)  I figure everyone has the right to say whatever it is they haven't the good sense to say.  However, shitty, bigoted, jackhole comments like this do:

I stopped following a blog tonight because of it.  Right then and there.  I didn't even finish reading the post.  It irked me that much; that immediately.  I am snarky.  Given.  I have a foul mouth.  Another given, but I try my damnedest not to attack and degrade any given group of people.  This one I take personally because, well, I AM gay.  It is not a negative.  It is NOT an insult.  (Most) people would not dare utter "that is so nigger."  Well, no one with any couth or breeding anyway.  It just shows ignorance and blatant disregard for a group of people that are merely fighting for the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that every heterosexual - breeder - takes for granted.   And it pisses me the hell off.

Can you not come up with anything better to insult people with???  I'll fight it on every level.  Even my own family says it and I have butted heads with them on the subject, too.  It's cruel.  It's unnecessary.  It's downright offensive.  And all it does is propagate the hate.

It's so big, fat unintelligent Okie... (Yeah.  I went there.)