Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm a Weiner!!!

"I would like to thank the academy for recognizing true genius when they see it.  Unfortunately, I have no one to thank but myself.  Thank you very much!" 

I kid!  I kid!  (But big fat ass juicy points if you can name what movie that is from!!!)  I figure this is the closet I will get to my Oscar/Emmy/Grammy, and I have always loved that line - snark and all, from a horrendously crappy movie that I absolutely adore from 21 years ago - so I figured I would use it.

But seriously, the incomparable Lady J from Pen to Pages has bestowed me the honour of a blog award.  The TMI (Too Much Information) Award.  Which just cracks me up.  I think I have lost a couple of readers/followers because of my TMI ( - and my love of the word "fuck").  So it's good to be awarded, and not chastised for all my TMIedness!  This is technically my first award if you don't count the one from my own mom.  I am quite taken aback and flattered to receive it as Pen to Pages is one of my favourite blogs.  And to think that she is a relatively new blogger that was hesitant to blog in the first place.  If you are not familiar with Lady J's page, you certainly must check it out.  It's outstanding.

The terms and conditions of this award are of a voyeuristic variety.  In accepting the award, I must list eight things a voyeur/peeping tom could potentially catch you doing if they were watching you (Heavens help 'em!), and then, of course, pass the award along to eight other bloggers that I, myself, peep on.

Eight things, huh?  I just realized how boring I am.  I think my Tom would hang himself from the nearest tree out of sheer boredom.

1. Cleaning.  Lots of cleaning.  I have OCD and cleaning calms me.  You would think I would run out of things to clean at some point.

2. Singing.  Like bad hole-in-the-wall white trash karaoke singing.  Loudly.  Pitchily.  Total fuckin' rockstar karaoke.

3. The Dance.  The Rabbit Dance.  It makes no sense.  It's usually off beat.  Much booty shakin'.  Much arm flingin'  - think The Single Ladies Baby.  Yeah, that's me.

4.  Cooking.  I love to cook.  Cooking, like cleaning, chills me out.  Something about creating nourishment, I think.  Love, love, love to cook.

5.  I laugh.  A lot.  At absolutely nothing.  It doesn't take much for me to get tickled.  I am sure I look like a total and complete lunatic.  I spend about 90% of my time alone - so I am often chattering to myself and crackin' myself up.  Gotta entertain myself somehow.

6.  Writing.  I write a lot.  Especially when I am alone.  It's the only time I can write.  People's energy totally blocks me.  So when I am by myself, I write until my hands hurt.

7. Messin' with my damned hair.  Life is cruel in that not only did it make me old and wrinkled, it gave me the most atrocious and argumentative 1980s Less Than Zero hair.  I am in the process of growing it out (again) and I have the thickest, curliest, nappiest head of fro on a white boy you have ever seen.  Trying to figure out what to do with it at this stage is an all day event.  I want to look like Morrissey; my hair wants to look like Yahoo Serious on the Brown Acid from Woodstock.

8. And, of course, blogging.  It's another sanity keeper.

See, I told you I was boring!

I will pass along the award sometime this weekend to eight of my faves and give it its permanent home on my homepage.

Lady J, again I thank you.  This came at a time when I really needed to feel appreciated, and you accomplished just that.

And y'all, don't forget to check out Pen to Pages.  You won't be disappointed!