Friday, December 11, 2009

WTF Friday: Marriage

"WTF Friday might be one long bitch session or rant, could be a break down of several annoyances that have accumulated all week or an injustice or rip off.  Like the idea?  Then grab the WTF on the left (or here),  join in and let the bitching begin!"

Carrying on Deb (the original WTFer) at Menopausal New Mom's brilliance for a Friday theme, I give you this week's WTF Friday...
Fair warning - this one got me hot under the collar.
F-Bombs to commence shortly - and in abundance.

I won't say much more than this because you'll never get me off the fucking soap box - but if the fucking Golden Girls were able to figure this shit out twenty some odd years ago WTF is wrong with the rest of this damned country today???

And to badly paraphrase Portia DeRossi on The View - Yes, "marriage" is "just a word" but in light of that - shouldn't WE as a people - WE THE PEOPLE - have the same fucking rights to choose to employ said word as every other heterosexual, adulterous, baby-spewing, potential-divorcee in the country???

Sanctity of marriage my young queer ass.  What a crock of shit.  I know far more same-sex couple that have a far more sanctified relationship that 99.9% of the breeders I know....

Or does that "right" only apply depending on whom you agree with and where you lick it, stick it, and shove it???