Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Following the Reader

This is really for my Mimi, but I know it can get confusing trying to navigate all the bazillion different blogging platforms that are out there today, so I thought I would post it for everyone.  This is for Blogger's Dashboard only and how to add non-Blogger (Wordpress; Blog.com; Live Journal, etc.) blog updates/feeds to your Dashboard.  I will do another 'toot' on Reader and Feedburner later.

[Note:  Click on images for full size]

In the address bar, click the RSS icon, and choose the RSS option.  This will take you to your own Google Reader page.

This will take you to your Google Reader. Click on the Subscribe button.  The blog will now show in your Reader Pane.

Return, now, to your Dashboard in Blogger.  Click Add at the bottom of the page in the Blog Updates window.

In the pop-up that appears, choose Import From Google Reader.  Scroll through your list of blogs and choose the blog(s) you just added.  Click Next.

Choose your following option, either Public (receive updates, and your Avatar will appear in the blogs Follow widget, if applicable) or Anonymous (will receive updates but your identity is kept private).

Then simply click the Follow button.  Updates from your selected blog will now appear in the Blog Update window within your Dashboard.