Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm gettin' nuthin' for Christmas 'cause I aint been nuthin' but dead.

In keeping with the fucked up rabbity general theme of the last video, I thought I would share with you the David Lynchian version of "The 12 Days of Christmas."  I was/am a die hard Twin Peaks fan.  I never missed an episode.  So to find this just really gave me the moist and squishy.  This is not a retro spoof. Recorded for KROQ, it features the famous characters from  Lynch's Twin Peaks series and movie. Cooper, Lucy, Bob, Bobby, Johnny, and Pete Martell. The song was only commercially available in LA, and popped up on radio stations across the country in 1990 (although I never heard it back then). It was only a song then , but the video (below) has it set to memorable scenes from the land of coffee and donuts.

Lyrics and MP3 download available HERE.

You better hope that is, in fact, Santa coming down your chimney in the middle of the night and not Bob!