Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello, Pot???

 I was going through my TwitterFox (or Echofon or whatever it is this week) and cleaning out all the old tweets and mentions and DMs - which I haven't done in ages and came across one that said something to the effect of "oh. well you're always so negative..."  and I just had to laugh.  I no longer follow this person because of all their hateful, passive agressive jabs that I would get on a constant and regular basis ALL DAY LONG that had little to nothing to do with the actual tweets they were replying to - other than to just be passive aggresive and hateful.  So, rather than be annoyed I just quit following them and I don't have to hear about it anymore.  However, in cleaning everything out today, their page popped up.  There is not ONE tweet - not one - that is anything even remotely positive.  "I fucking hate my life..."  "I really hate being sick"  "marriage sucks"  "i'm getting too old for this crap"  "Fucked up parenting..."  "I seriously need to find some friends"  Granted it's all out of context - but SHIT...  STFU and have a moment, folks!  And I am the negative one???  Well I guess they would know, by comparison, more than most.

(Is that irony????)

But, the point I was rambling toward is that the things we dislike the most about people in our lives are often times the things we need to work on the most.  I love to bitch.  LOVE to bitch.  I am great at it.  It's usually quite hilarious.  But I HATE listenin' to it.  I kind of touch on it in a previous blog.  So thusly I have made a real conscious effort to NOT bitch so much - trying to take my own advices of STFUing and going to sit in a corner somewhere.  I figure if I don't want to hear it, y'all don't either.  I am also trying really hard not to complain so much.  I asked said friend the other night, "Do you have any good memories?"  Because, again, all you hear is the woe-is-meisms all the time.  And this was a privileged brat growing up.  My childhood sucked ass.  Often times, when it came to suffering I thought I was going to give Elizabeth Taylor a run for her money.  But I had good times.  I made the best out of the hell that I knew.  And those times are what I chose to remember.  Not all the morose and mundane.

Gawd, people.  Get over it.  Or go tell it to Tyra and have her buy you some fuckin' crazy pills.  Sumpin'!!!

My question is, when you hold up the mirror that is your environment and dislike what you see, what is it that you need to work on?

My list is long...

But I am getting there.

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